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Saturday, March 2, 2013

We are now weening down the registration process.  Once again we set another record in the fastest time.  Currently we are waiting for the U9 and 10's to fill up and to fill up a couple of boys divisions.  We plan on having about 236 teams so I will be pulling teams from the waitlist.  To determine which teams to pull we have to adjusts divisions and fill in the holes.  If you are on the waitlist, I will try to get you in.  I will keep you updated
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Schedules
Some new schedules are posted.  Take a look to see if your age bracket was the on affected.  Also the times for the Goalie Wars are posted as well under the Download section of the navigation bar
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Referees Needed

Do you have older son or daughter that isnt playing and is a referee?  We could use them.  We are needing some referees for the event.  I dont have hotel budget so thats why the plea for "in-house" referees  If you know somebody, let Mark Fischer know at mfisch1234@aol.com   Yep, somebody still uses aol.

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Schedules are posted
Well the schedules are posted.  Definitely one of the hardest things to do in a tourney, especially one of this size.  Some of you are going to be disappointed that you have a early game but I have really no choice.  Of the GU-11 and above, we have 324 possible slots and used 315 of them.  The point being is that it is really tight.  Take a look at your schedule and see if I messed up.  We triple check these things but with 244 teams and coaches with multiple teams, we have/will make mistakes.  It is easier to correct mistakes now than to find out the night before.  Please go through them.  We will make revisions so it always good to see if revisions are made.  If you have any questions, please email me at www.yakattackdirector@yahoo.com
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Looks like we will go to scheduling in the last week of April. Please get all your requests in to me befoer that time.  If you already sent your requests in, I have it on file.  If you want to be sure, send it again.  We go through it and try to fix mistakes and then we will post it no later than May 5th.  At that time you can go through it and point out the mistakes that we missed.  Please keep in mind, we did allow more teams in so scheduling is extremely tight. 
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Survivor Sunday is a special feature that this tournament offers that no other tournament has.  All teams, U-11 and above, play three games on Saturday.  Points are tallied and each team in the age bracket is awarded a seed number at the end of the day.  Sunday play is based on seeding where play is similar to the NCAA basketball tournament.  All teams play on Sunday.  Survivor Sunday simply means if you win, you play again. If you lose, your tournament play ends.  Before each game, we play the Survivor theme song then sound the buzzer and drop the ball.  Of course, the higher the seed, the easier the path.  Survivor Sunday is designed to play every other half hour which depending on the size of the bracket, you could end up playing an additional four games on Sunday.  If a game ends in a tie on Survivor Sunday, both teams go to Tribal Council where a shootout Yak Attack style occurs; a shootout against my hay bale goalie. 

Yak Attack is sponsoring a uniform contest.  This event is one of the trademarks of the Yak Attack.  Teams are encouraged to make their own uniforms for this event and many teams come to the event with some awesome looking and funny looking uniforms.  We parade all the teams across the main stage and introduce each team to the crowd.  Uniforms have to in good taste and three winners are awarded; Boys, Girls, and Grand Champion.  Each winning team wins a $200.00 gift certificate from the Yak Attack Tournament.  Contest starts at 12:45 on Saturday.


Another unique feature of the Yak Attack is our Northwest Harvest Food Drive.  In years past we have had a food drive where teams bring in food and win a ride a limousine.  The past two years we have seen food donations plummet which might be caused by the economy, we don't know.  This year we will be doing it a little different.  We are asking each participant to bring 1 can of soup to the tournament.  This has the potential of gathering 1800 cans of soup which the food bank would be gratefull.