Goalie Wars
Posted Mar 11, 2018




Objective of the game:

Goalie Wars is played by two players, each trying to score as many goals as possible upon the opposing player while simultaneously defending his/her own goal.

Field Size:

U10 though adults: 24 yards long by 20 yards wide with full-sized goals

The field is divided into two halves by a center line. A player man play anywhere within his/her own half, but may not cross the into the opposing player’s half.

Game Duration:

U10 though adults: First player to five or the final score after 5 minutes, whichever comes first. If after 5 minutes and the game is tied, the game will continue until the first person scores.

Playing rules

At the beginning of each half, and for the duration of the game, three balls will be placed to the right of each goal.

At the referee’s direction, Keepers will bring a single ball into play as needed. Neutral personnel will be designated to ensure that the balls will be available to the right of the Keepers’ nets.) Play starts  with a ball placed at the center line and with each Goalie on their respective goal line. At the sound of the whistle, participants may charge to win

the ball, or retreat to protect their goal. Upon the initial touch of the ball, the Goalkeeper in possession of the ball has six seconds to distribute it to the opposing keeper’s half. This may be accomplished by punting, throwing, kicking, drop kicking, heading, or rolling the ball. If the keeper in possession of the ball does not release it in some manner within six seconds, the referee will call for the ball and award possession to the opposing Goalie, who will

bring into play one of the balls at his/her net. The ball is out of bounds when it crosses over either the touch line or the goal line, whether on the ground or in the air. The referee will award possession to the Keeper who was not the last to touch the ball. The ball is in play at all other times.


A goal is scored when the entire ball crosses over the goal line. A goal may be scored by punting, throwing, kicking, drop kicking, heading, or rolling the ball.

Number of Games:

A single elimination format will be played. Champions in each age division will receive a cash prize according to

the size of the bracket and a trophy. $50.00 for a bracket of sixteen, $25.00 for a bracket of 8 and a sliding scale in between the two. Age groups are split between boys and girls.


Registration is $10.00 and is done as a first come basis at the keeper war field. Pay your entry fee and the player will be placed on the bracket. If a player gets bounced in the first round and there is still room on the brackets, a player can pay another entry fee and reenter. The first 16 players entered, constitutes a full bracket. ANY PLAYER can   participate.